Domino V10 is now generally available!

Domino V10 is now generally available ― and is faster, modern, open, and offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership. What’s new?

  • Domino V10 enables you to extend existing investments by leveraging your JavaScript developers to enhance, integrate, and build new apps
  • Domino V10 brings dramatically easier integration with your most used applications, services, and environments. Domino is more open than ever before

You can see the key features and benefits of Domino V10 in the attached data sheet.

Here are some of the advantages of Domino V10:

  • With Domino V10, you can begin to leverage universally-used technology, like JavaScript and Node.js, that will help you build more powerful and more robust applications. Node.js and JavaScript development enables your organization to tap into a much broader range of skills and talent and helps future-proof your investment. The new Domino Query Language (DQL) along with Node.js and JavaScript and access to one of largest collections of open-source libraries, will help you deliver more value and drive superior business outcomes. Now call any REST API that you want from your Domino application – – bring in Google maps, pull in a Watson API, or even use customer data from Salesforce.
  • Domino V10 also enables easier administration. Because it does auto-repair and self-healing, your teams will spend less time on maintenance and repair. In addition, new monitoring capabilities mean that Administrators can publish stats to help spot trends, identify upgrade and optimization needs, and see performance bottlenecks.
  • Domino V10 also enables an enhanced email experience, including expanded calendar usability, enhanced email features, and free, mobile, enterprise-grade Chat.

Welcome to the next era of rapid-application development with Domino V10! Let’s talk about how Domino V10 can meet your application infrastructure and collaboration needs. 

  • Through December 2018, we can help you reinstate any Domino licenses you already have. Customers that are current with S&S can also get a no-charge, basic entitlement for panagenda ApplicationInsights for IBM Domino, to help monitor, analyze, optimize and transform collaboration infrastructures.
  • Through December 2018, we can help you bring the benefits of Domino V10 to new users, again at a discount.

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